Activate your Aberystwyth University account

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All users are bound by Information Services Regulations, Policies and Guidelines when using our facilities and services.

New students will be able to activate their account shortly before their course begins.

To activate your account please complete the following form:

Students: This is your 9 digit student number - found on your registration documents or your Aber Card if you have it.
Other accounts: please contact Information Services for details if you have not been given an activation code

Choose a password:

  • between 14 and 64 characters long
  • containing at least 5 unique characters
  • containing at least one letter
  • containing at least one number

or create a strong password:

  • use three random words
  • add in some numbers
    For example:- DownsWalkDay!20
  • you can also use these symbols
    ! @ # : ? > < , . / ; ' ` [ = - \ ] ) & ( ^*_+{ ~|})
  • using capital letters improves the strength of your password
  • use words that are memorable to you
  • avoid using words that others could easily guess at. For example, names of your family, pets, house etc; your place of birth, a favourite holiday destination or something related to your favourite sports team.


If you have problems choosing a suitable password please see our FAQ